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Drain & Sewer Services in Las Vegas Henderson Nevada
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Your drains and sewer lines are the ones responsible for keeping the wastewater away from your home, making them a crucial part of your plumbing. When drains get clogged and pipes back up, many people turn to the chemical drain cleaners available at grocery stores.

Unfortunately, these only provide a temporary fix and, in many cases, actually cause further damage to your plumbing system. They can eat away at the pipes and lead to future leaks or cracks. Additionally, when the clog is further down the sewer lines, a more specialized tool is needed to remove it.

Common Causes of a Clogged Drain

Clogged drains are among the most common plumbing issues we deal with. If they’re caught early, it’s a fairly straightforward and quick fix. However, if a clog is allowed to sit and build up, it can easily lead to massive and expensive problems like a burst pipe. The best way to deal with a clog is to prevent it form happening in the first place, and a key part of that is knowing what the most common causes of clogs are:

  • Hair: Whether it’s a curious pet checking out your tub, beard shavings, or long hair that just seems to get everywhere, hair is one of the biggest causes of clogs in bathroom drains.
  • Dirt: While it’s always a good idea to wash your hands when you get them dirty, washing excess dirt down the drain can actually lead to clogs as the residue gets caught in your pipes.
  • Food waste: Even if you have a garbage disposal, it’s important to keep all food waste, especially coffee grounds and tea leaves, out of your drain.
  • “Flushable” wipes: Just because a product claims to be flushable doesn’t mean that it really is. It’s far safer to dispose of these wipes in the trash, rather than rolling the dice by flushing them down the toilet.
  • Cotton products: Whether it’s a cotton swab, diaper, tampon, or other hygiene product, nothing cotton should ever go down your drain for any reason.
  • Tree roots: Tree roots have a tendency to find their way into underground pipes if there’s even the slightest crack in the pipe. As they get inside and start to grow, it can seriously obstruct the flow of water and cause severe damage.

The team at Plumbing Plumber Vegas has years of experience in providing Las Vegas Henderson Nevada and the surrounding areas with reliable drain & sewer services, and you can count on us to resolve your issues with an unmatched dedication to customer service!

Drains & Clogs

Homeowners encounter clogged drains regularly. While this is a common plumbing issue, clogged drains are serious problems that have many negative side-effects when not addressed immediately.

A clogged drain can easily lead to:

  • Complete drain blockage
  • Persistent odors
  • Health risks
  • Leaks and even a burst pipe

If you notice that your drains are slow to empty, smelly, or bubbling, get in touch with our professional Plumbing Plumber Vegas drain cleaning experts right away. We can take a look at your drains, diagnose the source, and get to flow smoothly again.

Sewer Laterals

Most often, stubborn clogs can go further down your sewer lines and cause severe damage such as cracks and holes. If this is the current state of your sewer line, call the Las Vegas Henderson Nevada sewer repair experts at Plumbing Plumber Vegas right away. Our plumbing company is equipped with advanced technology and methods to easily identify the exact location of the damage and repair it with as little disturbance to your property as possible.

There are three common methods of sewer repairs:

Trenchless: Also known as pipe bursting, this technique only requires digging two small holes to access your sewer line. Since there is no need to excavate, the sewer repair is done more quickly and cost-effectively.

Open trench: This is the most common type of sewer line repair where a trench is dug out to expose the line that needs to be replaced or repaired and then the trench is backfilled to restore your property to its pre-work conditions.

Lining: Sewer lining is another trenchless option used to fix cracked pipes when a complete replacement isn’t necessary. This coats the inside of the pipe with an epoxy or other material to seal any cracks or leaks.

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